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Sir Ken Robinson's new book

Finding your passion

Sir Ken Robinson's new book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, first published in January 2009, is a collection of real stories of highly successful people, just as ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, actress Meg Ryan, cartoonist Matt Groening, choreographer Gillian Lynne, author Arianna Huffington, physicist Richard Feynman and many others who are "passionate about what they do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else."

As the author says, "...too many people never connect with their true talents and therefore don’t know what they’re really capable of achieving. In that sense, they don’t know who they really are".

"Most of us lose our confidence in our our imagination as we grow up. [...] I believe that their stories have something important to teach all of us about the nature of human capacity and fulfillment."

The Element Book

Sir Ken Robinson's speech at TED

Take 20 minutes to watch Sir Ken Robinson's famous speech at the TED conference, recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA.

He tells us about his childhood memories, his personal experience with his kids and family, how we unlearn to be creative, how academic inflation affects all of us and how schools kill creativity in general.

It's a great lecture with some memorable thoughts that might help you figure out your future and how to find your focus in life. The core wisdom of one of the greatest thinkers of our time might change your life in the long run if you listen to him carefully.

You can find more information on Sir Ken Robinson's speech here

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Reviews of The Element Book

"People who think differently make the world a more interesting place. We need to nurture and help develop creative people, instead of labeling them as damaged."
[Temple Grandin, Author of 
Thinking in Pictures]

"Ken Robinson presents the theme of creativity and innovation in a way that makes you want to go out and make your dreams a reality. In his wonderfully easy-to-read and entertaining style he presents the stories of many who have done just that. This is a valuable book for educators and community leaders ... most important, it is a book that lightens and lifts the minds and hearts of all who read it.
[Susan Jeffers, PhD., bestselling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® and Life Is Huge!

"The Element gives you the feeling that all is possible if we dig deeply within ourselves, utilizing imagination and curiosity."

[Vidal Sassoon, hairdresser and businessman] - (all reviews originally by

The Element Book
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